Production plants of chemicals, ceramics, and foods are always required to sift materials that have low specific gravity and tend to cause clogging.
Gyro-Flat Screens are a sifter designed to meet this requirement.

The structure has the driving unit (gyrator box) and the vibration sieve frame and the driving part is equipped on the material supply port side. The vertical shaft of the driving part is eccentric and the entire screen is driven by the eccentric vertical shaft. As for the movement on the horizontal plane, the material supply port has a circular motion while the area near the discharge port is reciprocating, causing elliptic motion in the intermediate part by synthesizing them.

Therefore, the material fed from the supply port is immediately dispersed evenly on the sieve mesh and almost all area of the sieve mesh is efficiently used. In addition, tapping balls are contained below the sieve mesh and rebound during sifter movement to shake the sieve mesh for prevention of clogging.


  1. High sieving efficiency
  2. Smaller power required compared to other types of vibration sifters
  3. Sealed structure
  4. Structure to enable easy replacement of the sieve mesh
  5. Long sieve mesh life and a few consumable items


  1. Limestone, carbon, coal, glass powder, silica sand, abrasives, etc.
  2. Food including soybean, flour, rice and other cereal and sugar
  3. Wood chips and wastes such as earth


Inform us about the followings for inquiry of Gyro-Flat Screens.
  1. Material to process

    Ingredients, apparent specific gravity, water content, adhesiveness, abrasiveness and temperature

  2. Material size

    Mean and maximum particle sizes and particle size distribution

  3. Sieve aperture
  4. Processing capacity

    Amount to process per hour and operating hours per day

  5. Power supply

    Voltage and frequency

  6. Flow sheet of the previous and following processes